Northpoint Staff


Adrienne Renee Carey

Biology: (Room 108)

place of birthPlace of Birth:
Long Beach, CA

1 brother

B.A.College Degrees Held:
B.A. in Criminal Justice & Psychology
M.A. in Criminal Justice & Secondary Education

Years Teaching:
4 months

Favorite MovieFavorite Movie:
Harry Potter Series and any Marvel Movie

Favorite Ice Cream

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:

Favorite Place VisitedFavorite Place Visited:
The Magical World of Harry Potter & Disneyland

Board GameFavorite Board Game:

CondimentFavorite Condiment:

CartoonFavorite Cartoon Character:
Stewie from Family Guy

“What inspires me to be a teacher…”

What inspired me to be a teacher was a desire to get out of social work and have more direct interaction with young adults. Rather then being the bad guy all the time I wanted to offer more of a positive role in their lives. What inspires me to continue being a teacher now, is the amazing minds, hearts, and souls, I am privileged to interact with on a daily basis. What inspires me daily is the hard work, thoughtfulness and ability of the young adults at Northpoint. I have had more fun in the last 6 months of my career than I have had in 13 years as a social worker. So thank you to all the students and fellow staff for the inspiration!