Northpoint Staff

Brad DeVries

Government/Economics (Room 106)

place of birthPlace of Birth:

1 sister

B.A.College Degrees Held:
B.A. of Arts, M.A. of International Affairs

Years Teaching:
3 Years

Favorite MovieFavorite Movie:
A River Runs Through It

Favorite Ice CreamFavorite Ice Cream Flavor:
Rocky Road

Favorite Place VisitedFavorite Place Visited:
Guilin, China

Board GameFavorite Board Game:

CondimentFavorite Condiment:

CartoonFavorite Cartoon Character:
Too Much Coffee Man


“What inspires me to be a teacher…”

Day in and day out, it inspires me to see students take on things that are hard – or even impossible at first glance – and discover that they have the skill, strength, and perseverance to see them through to success.

But for real, long-term inspiration, there’s nothing like watching the progress of each and every one of them from Freshman year to the time they cross the stage to accept the diploma they’ve earned. That transition – from early teen years to the first stages of adulthood – is incredibly gratifying to witness and help shape.  Looking at the Seniors and the leaders they’ve become gives me a new appreciation for each class of Freshmen, and the truly amazing people that they are about to meet for the first time – themselves.