Northpoint Staff

Melissa Wagoner

Instructional Guide (Room 107)

place of birthPlace of Birth:
Minot, ND

5 brothers, 3 sisters

B.A.College Degrees Held:
B.A. of English, M.A. in Education & Writing

Years Teaching:
15 Years

Favorite MovieFavorite Movie:
The Princess Bride

Favorite Ice CreamFavorite Ice Cream Flavor:

Favorite Place VisitedFavorite Place Visited:
Tuscany, Italy

Board GameFavorite Board Game:

CondimentFavorite Condiment:

CartoonFavorite Cartoon Character:

“What inspires me to be a teacher…”

I am inspired to be a teacher, and to continue teaching, because I believe I can make a difference in the lives of my students.  I love to encourage students to be their own weird selves.  I appreciate individuality.  Too often, adolescents are considered a problem, when in truth, they are a joyful, creative crowd, that just need to be channeled.  I love the variety, and even, the mania, that comes with teaching teenagers.