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You can also pay by check or credit card in our office during regular office hours.

Certain fees are affiliated with registration at Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy. Additional costs may be incurred throughout the school year. Families are asked to pay these fees in a timely manner so the accounts can be accurately balanced. These fees are subject to change as costs are adjusted.

Additional fees will be charged for fieldwork, intensives, supplies and computer damage as outlined below. Families who are unable to pay these fees should contact the office to discuss payment plans or alternative arrangements.

Fees will not be refunded if the student has participated in the activity or after 10 days from registration date. If a debt is owed to the school, a student will not be considered for international travel until such debt is paid in full. Students who owe a debt to the school will not participate in graduation ceremony or receive a school diploma until such debt is paid.

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