Northpoint Staff

Northpoint teachers, administrators and support staff are an incredible group of people, because they have committed their professional lives to an endeavor that demands the attention of not only their minds, but also their hearts and souls. These highly trained and qualified educators believe they are making a difference in the lives of their students, and they are!
Charles Mentken
Academic Counselor
Alison Zych
Jeanette Carey
Business Manager
Sharon Felker
Instructional Coach
Melissa Wagoner
History Teacher
Natasha Pacheco
Math Teacher
Bill Swenson
Math Teacher
David Valley
Language Arts Teacher
Jeff Wood
Language Arts Teacher
Taylor Kelling
Civics/ Economics Teacher
Robert Zinni
Special Education Teacher
Diane Cardell
Science Teacher
Adrienne Carey
Science Teacher
Leah Sussman
Spanish Teacher
Kyle Short
Art Teacher
Liz Romberger