Getting Involved

There are many opportunities before, during and after school to participate in fun and active clubs and sports. Clubs can change from semester to semester and are usually determined by student interest.

CLUBS 2015-16

Do You Want to Join a Club?
Send us a message – or call the office for more information!

Do You Want to Start a Club?

All it takes is five students to participate and a teacher to sponsor. Call the office for more information!

Suchitoto, El Salvador

Sponsor: Kyle Short
Meetings: TBD- Language and Culture Meetings Tuesdays 3:45-5.00, 2/2 until travel time (end of April)


To support the creation and construction of our school yearbook.

Sponsor: Melissa Wagoner & Morgan LaBine
Meetings: TBD

Rotary Interact

Interact is Rotary International’s service club for young people ages 12 to 18.  Students in Rotary Interact plan local service projects (trash clean-ups, blood drives, etc.) and organize fundraisers to support international service organizations.

Sponsor: Brad DeVries & Regina Wucinich
Meetings: Tuesdays at lunch, year round

Student Council

To support general events and activities within our community and to serve as the governing student body.

Sponsor: Mark Huebner
Meetings: Wednesdays, 12 – 12:25, year round

Music Club

To support students who wish to teach and learn instruments. Students will learn to play a variety of instruments through student-led teaching. Mr. Kelling will help facilitate and teach what he knows about playing instruments and music theory.

Sponsor: Taylor Kelling
Meetings: Monday & Wednesdays 3:45 – 5:00

Ultimate Frisbee

To learn the skills and rules necessary to play Ultimate Frisbee successfully, and also to create a positive and supportive atmosphere in which the game can be played.

Sponsor: Marco Renzi
Meetings: TBD


Afternoon climbing sessions to explore individualized practices.

Sponsor: Mr. Mentken
Meetings: TBD

NELA Radio AV 

Sponsor: Taylor Kelling
Meetings: Tuesday 3:45 – 5:00

Debate & Public Speaking

Learn and polish techniques for debate and public speaking – public debate, extemporaneous speaking, persuasive speaking, comedy & dramatic reading.

Sponsor: Brad DeVries
Meetings: TBD, Year Round


A club for those who want to improve upon their tennis skills as well as play fun and exciting games

Sponsor: Morgan LaBine
Meetings: Spring Club


Liberal Arts and Spanish honors

Sponsor: Melissa Wagoner & Alison Zych
Meetings: Lunch, TBD

Computer Programmers and/or Robotics Club

To support students interested in computer programming and graphic design, and potentially create a useful application or game concepts that are both appealing and educational.

Sponsor: Mr. Bill Swenson
Meetings: Thursday after school. (Meeting Monday after school to determine interest.)

Farm Club

Grow food and maintain the Greenhouse.

Sponsor: Kyle Short / Alison Zych
Meetings: During Crew and Weds/Mon afterschool, occasionally Fridays


A club that welcomes both students who would like to share their knowledge by tutoring fellow classmates and students who would benefit from a tutor in any particular subject as well as connect with their peers.
-Need: Tutors & Students who want a tutor
-Tutoring days & times are based off of tutor & student schedules.
-Tutoring in Math, Science, Reading, Writing, Organizational skills, -iMovie projects, etc.
-Tutors would be given small rewards for hours put towards tutoring their peers

Sponsor: Morgan LaBine
Meetings: Tutors Meeting once a week – TBD


Sponsor: Adrienne Carey
Meetings: TBD


Sponsor: TBD
Meetings: TBD

SPORTS 2015-16

Sports Questions?
Send us a message – or call the office for more information!

Mountain Biking (Co-ed)

July – November

Practice and recruiting for upcoming 2015 Fall NICA races, GORD, Whiskey off road and the 24 hour in the Old Pueblo, Tucson.  Support general mountain bike skills and ability. $50 sports fee required + additional fees

Sponsor: Alison Zych, Kyle Short, Brad DeVries

Practice: TBD

Soccer (Co-ed)

February – April

To support students who wish to practice soccer and compete in a charter league. Students will spend part of the season practicing and building skills, the other half of the season will be competing against local charter schools.

Sponsor: TBD

Practice: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: after school

Girls Volleyball

September – November

To support a competitive sporting event with other schools within charter and private schools and programs. $50 sports fee required.

Sponsor: Adrienne Carey

Practice: Monday & Thursday  4-6pm

Boys Basketball

November – February

To support a competitive sporting event with other schools within charter and private schools and programs. $50 sports fee required.

Sponsor: Mark Huebner and Tony Himes

Practice: TBD

Girls Softball


Sponsor: Adrienne Carey

Practice: TBD